So far, eight vying for three Richmond council seats in November election

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Richmond Mayor Tom Butt enlightened the readers of his e-forum newsletter Friday morning by listing the eight candidates who have taken out filing papers to run for Richmond City Council.

They are, alphabetically, Nat Bates, Corky Booze, Ben Choi, Jael Myrick, Vinay Pimplé, Uche J. Uwamehu, Melvin Willis and Cesar Zepeda.

Three council seats are up for election in November. The filing deadline is Aug. 12.

As the mayor notes, only Bates has completed the filing process thus far. Three candidates, Bates, Myrick and Pimplé, are incumbents. Choi and Willis are Richmond Progressive Alliance representatives. Booze is a former city council member, Uwamehu ran for mayor in 2014, and Zepeda is president of the Hilltop District Neighborhood Council and Hilltop District Homeowners & Stakeholders Association.



  1. Myrick, Zepeda, and it’s a toss up between Bates and Uwamehu for now. Choi and Willis are definite NO’s. The RPA needs to go MIA, ASAP.

  2. Anyone affiliated with the non-progressive RPA is a definite no. The RPA majority counilmembers have been disruptive, divisive, and destructive in the city of Richmond and should and never ever be allowed to hijack our council again.

    It is our job as residents to seriously vet all potential candidates (eg. Education, experience, character, affiliates, etc.) to assure we get the best people possible to represent us professionally and unbiasly.