Rise in parking complaints in San Pablo leads to police response

San Pablo police chief Lisa Rosales departing for SoCal post

San Pablo police are increasing parking enforcement in the city after receiving an increasing number of complaints about cars blocking sidewalks, driveways and other prohibited areas.

Other complaints include parked cars facing the wrong direction on neighborhood streets and vehicles left in designated street sweeping zones, police said.

As part of increased enforcement, officers will be paying extra attention illegal parking, police said.

They’ll be looking more closely at whether vehicles are over-extending their time limits in spaces or are violating colored curb markings and designated fire lanes.

Cops will also be looking for expired or improper DMV registration tabs, and

“The San Pablo Police Department plans to increase parking enforcement operations throughout the entire city in order to keep our roadways clear and safe, and to improve the quality of life for our residents through both enforcement and education,”

City of San Pablo municipal codes for parking regulations can be found here under section 10.

Photo credit: San Pablo Police Department