More than 250 residents help complete downtown Richmond mural


More than 250 community members helped complete the beautiful Create Peace Project mural last week at Civic Center Plaza, according to City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter.

A mural dedication is set for Aug. 20 at the site where the artwork will be erected — at the community garden at Macdonald Avenue and Harbour Way.

Throughout last week, the canvas for the large mural was displayed in the center of the plaza. Community residents from ages five through 80 helped add to the art. Passersby were invited to contribute, along with Richmond city employees.

Local community groups and centers such as Girls, Inc. and Richmond Main Street Initiative also participated.

“There was no formal design; it was painted through an organic process by inviting participants to freely express themselves on the mural,” organizers said.

The San Francisco-based Create Peace Project, led by Ross Holzman, took on the art project after receiving one of 16 Neighborhood Public Art mini-grants in Richmond.

The piece was constructed in three phases, first by painting large shapes and filling them in with solid colors; followed by creating patterns, images and designs within them and connecting the existing shapes; and finally by posing in a joyful, fun way on the mural and having someone outline and paint the human shapes in chalk.

Holzman and his wife, Iza, provided instruction on brush stroke skills, colors, pattering and effective painting techniques.