Catahoula Coffee owner plans to open pizza restaurant next door


Timothy “Timber” Manhart, owner of the famous Catahoula Coffee Co. at 12472 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond, is apparently planning to open a pizza restaurant next door.

Manhart is applying for a conditional use permit with the city to open Nico’s Wood Fired Pizza at 12480 San Pablo Ave. The restaurant plans to serve beer and wine as well.

The pizza restaurant would open in the building next to the Catahoula Coffee parking lot.

The Planning Commission is set to meet Thursday to decide on whether to grant Manhart the permit to open Nico’s Wood Fired Pizza.

Approval of the restaurant would offer another reason to celebrate the 7th Annual Catahoula Cofree Customer Appreciation Day, a fun family-friendly festival that is set to take place in the roaster’s parking lot on Aug. 14 starting at 10 a.m. More on the festival in an upcoming Richmond Standard story.

Photo: Catahoula Coffee Facebook page.



  1. Need to add more Richmond PD and undercover patrols so they are constantly in that area. And then you will see the people start to come.