I-80 SMART Corridor system to be fully activated within two months


The I-80 SMART Corridor system will be fully activated within two months, according to Caltrans, which began phasing in the high-tech network earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Caltrans will activate the ramp meters along the corridor for the morning commute.

The $79 million project aims to relieve hair-pulling congestion on the corridor between the Carquinez Bridge and the Bay Bridge by installing electronic signs along the highway and on local streets and ramp-meters.

Drivers will receive real-time traffic information including speed and blocked lane signs, allowing them to make informed decisions in the event of an incident, Caltrans said.

One goal is to reduce accidents and secondary accidents that occur when drivers are unaware of changing traffic conditions.

Also, meters have been installed on 44 on-ramps to reduce merging conflicts and manage traffic volumes, the transit agency said. And electronic “Trailblazer” signs on San Pablo Avenue and other local arterial roads will inform drivers of accidents on I-80 and detour them accordingly.

The system will be managed from the Traffic Management Center (TMC) at the Caltrans Bay Area headquarters in Oakland.