Richmond emergency responders praised for swift action in stroke case

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Emergency responders are being praised by Richmond officials for recognizing and responding swiftly to an incident involving a man who suffered from a stroke earlier this month.

On July 7, the Fire Department responded to a call regarding a 27-year-old man with sudden onset right-side weakness, facial droop and an inability to grip anything with his hand, according to City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter, which first reported about incident.

The Richmond fire and AMR paramedics quickly identified the symptoms and called for a stroke alert to Kaiser Richmond, which has installed a new stroke response process.


“Dr. Alvin Tang at Kaiser Richmond and County EMS applauded the pre-hospital personnel for their accurate and rapid patient care, which, combined with a prompt call to 911 and Kaiser’s new internal stroke process, resulted in the patient being able to resume his life with minimal deficits,” Lindsay’s newsletter stated.

The first responders met with the victim on July 13 (as pictured above).

Captain Steven Harris, Engineer Kevin Carr, and Firefighter Joshua Tate were praised for their life-saving actions. On average, one American dies from a stroke every four minutes, or 130,000 annually, Lindsay’s newsletter pointed out.