Richmond to host workshop for current and prospective marijuana businesses

State of the City: Richmond faces difficult financial road

Richmond, which recently lifted a ban on commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing operations in the city, is set to hold a workshop for current and prospective businesses on Wednesday, July 27.

The workshop, which will take place in the multipurpose room at 440 Civic Center Plaza from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., will provide information on how businesses can remain compliant with the laws, including record-keeping and remitting sales taxes, according to Mayor Tom Butt’s office.

The California State Board of Equalization is also taking part in the workshop.

Mayor Butt had proposed lifting the ban in order to generate more revenue for cash-strapped Richmond. On Tuesday, City Council approved the first marijuana products manufacturer under the new rules, allowing Indigo Therapeutics to operate in a bio-tech facility a 2600 Hilltop Drive.

Richmond also allows for a maximum of three medical marijuana dispensary permits in the city.


  1. I like it. But only 3 dispensary permits allowed, maximum? Come on, why create an oligarchy? More dispensaries = more revenue = more competition = higher quality products = lower prices = more possible consumers who can benefit. I’m just saying, if we’re talking raising revenue (for the city and it’s residents, not the corporations) by allowing the distribution of medicinal marijuana, why limit it to only 3 companies who were first to the permits? Hope the “top 3” get their permits first…

  2. I think they are making a very big mistake and somehow forgetting the fact that the city continues to struggle with gaining control over the rampant crime. They are only kidding themselves and their own residents if they truly believe that the tax revenue from those 3 permits are going to outweigh the contribution to crime within the area. Sorry, but there is no way to slice that one in any reasonable way.