Richmond educator earns Fulbright award


Dr. Raymond Chimezie, a Bay Area resident and educator at Richmond schools, earned a Fulbright award to promote health and wellness in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Chimezie teaches in the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) and has been promoting school health and wellness for the past four years. His passion for improving people’s access to healthcare led him to found the Health for Schools and Communities Foundation,  a nonprofit with the mission of promoting health education and access to schools and communities in rural areas.

With his one-year-long Fulbright award, Dr. Chimezie will be teaching at a university in Nigeria and conducting research on the introduction of an advanced nurse practitioner program in the Nigeria’s health care delivery system.  He is convinced that introducing the nursing practice will reduce the disease burden caused by Nigerians’ inability to consult a qualified physician when sick.

The doctor will be spend a good amount of time working with Nigerian communities, collaborating with local health staff,  and international nonprofits to create health awareness in Nigeria.  He will equally teach courses in public health to undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Chimezie also plans to work with health professionals who are experienced and passionate about bringing positive social change to healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

The doctor is also the author of a ground-breaking book that addressed the serious issues affecting healthcare delivery in Nigeria. His book, Primary Healthcare in Nigeria: Overview, Challenges, and Prospects, provides insight into the fundamental problems affecting healthcare delivery in Nigeria and suggests evidence-based approaches to improving it.