Local police ask Pokemon Go participants to play safely


With so many Pokemon Go players out and about with their eyes glued to their smartphones, local police agencies are asking participants who may get distracted by the game to be aware of their surroundings.

Pokemon Go is a wildly popular, augmented reality mobile game that sends players throughout their neighborhoods — in parks, shops, offices, gyms, etc. — in the search for Pokemon characters, who appear on their smartphones when they arrive at specific locations. The video below discusses how the game is played.

On Monday, the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department announced it has seen an increase in the number of Pokemon Go players in its parks. The gamers have been “looking for the rare animals like Dratini, for instance, or Electabuzz or Scyther.”

Police asked that Pokemon Go players “enjoy your adventures responsibly and be aware of your surroundings.”

“Watch out for other park visitors who may be bicycling, riding horses, running, or just enjoying a beautiful day in the park,” police added.

Last week, the Richmond Police Department put out a similar safety message in the form of this flyer: