Neighbors incensed by persistent illegal dumper

Richmond mayor: We must take city back from 'slobs'
Examples of illegal dumping incidents in Richmond, sent to us by a resident in July, 2016.

On the Richmond Standard Facebook page last month, we posted a call on behalf of neighbors who were unhappy that someone decided to dump a heap of trash on the sidewalk near 33rd Street and Florida Avenue.

In the post, we politely pleaded with the illegal dumper to cut it out, but our request went unheard or ignored. Less than a month later, another load of garbage returned to the same spot, neighbors reported on Facebook.

“Once again people have dumped their trash in front of my building,” a neighbor said in the July 12 post, adding, “we have been calling for over three weeks now nobody is responding to her phone calls…my child can’t even go outside and play because it is unsafe.”

The city has since cleared the garbage, but there is no guarantee the illegal dumpers won’t come back. Neighbors hope the city will consider ways to deter future dumping.