New tool library readies for grand opening


The unique Richmond Tool Library is all set for launch, and will be celebrating its first day by hosting a Grand Opening on July 23 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The innovative new venue is located at 3230 MacDonald Ave. at the Richmond Department of Human Services, which was previously the Richmond Recreation Department. It will allow residents to check out a variety of work tools just as they would a book at the library, and includes everything from table saws and power drills to crow bars and tool belts.

The project was spurred by Kiana Ward and Guadalupe Morales, who help oversee Richmond’s AmeriCorps VISTA Love Your Block mini-grant program. A crowdfunding effort brought in almost $13,000, and additional help came in the form of donated tools from local residents and well-known hardware stores such as OSH and Home Depot.

By lending free building and landscaping tools, organizers hope residents will become more self-sufficient, take ownership over community upkeep and foster a more eco-friendly Richmond.

More information can be obtained at the Richmond Tool Library’s Facebook page.



  1. Very interesting and exciting program! Will they be required to leave a deposit? This is such a great opportunity for many, but we want to prevent a few bad eggs from ruining such a great service for Richmond residents.