Reminder: Native American Sobriety Walk set for July 16

Sobriety walks important for Native American community's battle against alcoholism

The second annual Native American Walk for Sobriety set for Saturday, July 16, will raise awareness about alcoholism by setting a “positive and spiritual example” in the community, according to United Urban Warrior Society member Mike “Raccoon Eyes” Kinney.

The event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., will start from the intersection of San Pablo and Macdonald avenues and proceed down Macdonald to 33rd Street, where water and refreshments will be offered. It will then continue on to the Native American Wellness Center at 2566 Macdonald Ave.

In a recent East Bay Times article, Kinney explained the importance of this event and others that reach youth about the dangers of alcohol.

“We in Indian Country suffer from historic trauma of mass extermination, and alcohol has since then become an intergenerational drug many natives look for to escape that,” Kinney told the Times. “With this walk, we are trying to set positive and spiritual examples to our high-risk teens and young adults.”