County DA explains lack of charges in shooting incident

23rd Street fight turns fatal

Contra Costa County District Attorney’s officials have issued a detailed statement explaining their decision not to file charges against a Richmond police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man during a 2014 incident outside a local liquor store.

The DA’s report, issued last week, details what prompted Richmond Police Officer Wallace Jensen to shoot 24-year-old Richard “Pedie” Perez outside a liquor store on Sept. 14, 2014, though the Perez family continues to dispute the findings.  The District Attorney’s office determined last year that the officer’s actions were justified following a joint investigation conducted in partnership with the Richmond Police Department.

Following a request from the Richmond City Council, Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson gave an explanation for the finding — and why charges were not filed against Jensen.

Jensen told investigators he encountered Perez loitering outside Uncle Sam’s Liquors at 3322 Cutting Blvd. The officer claimed Perez was attempting to grab for his firearm during a tussle and that he fired in self-defense.

“No information was developed which would refute the officer’s description of events,” Peterson states in the report, which agreed that the officer reacted in self-defense because he was in a scuffle for his handgun.

Perez’s family has been outspoken at Richmond City Council meetings. The victim’s father, Rick Perez, maintains that at least four eyewitnesses contradict Jensen’s statements about Perez reaching for the officer’s gun.

The family settled a lawsuit with the city in February. The city did not admit any liability for the shooting in the settlement.

The Bay City News contributed to this report.



  1. All the righteousness, vitriolic anger and juvenile name calling are a waste of time. So are all the gross generalizations and insults directed at the Richmond Police. What are any of you wags actually doing to educate anyone through high-handed piousness and ad hominem insults? Nothing. Just rattling on in an online comments section and preaching to the choir. When people make mistakes, and they do all the time, is this a constructive way to change thinking and behavior? Nobody listens to a hateful ranting scold. If you’re so concerned get involved with more than your keyboard. Contact your PD and talk to them about how they and how you can best handle this situation. Educate yourself and maybe get involved in educating others, thereby actually having a more real impact on the future than typing put-downs and judging.