Richmond cop placed on paid leave amid sex scandal probe

Richmond police to hold another DUI checkpoint at Cutting/41st on Friday night

A Richmond police officer was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday related to the ongoing sex scandal involving a local teen who was allegedly sexually exploited by dozens of law enforcement officials from multiple East Bay departments, according to Richmond police Chief Allwyn Brown.

The suspension of Officer Jerred Tong, who was previously removed as a school resource officer after being implicated in the scandal, will endure pending an investigation into his conduct, Brown wrote in an email to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt and City Manager Bill Lindsay.

Tong is one of five Richmond police officers — and about 30 officers and deputies in the East Bay — who were identified as allegedly having sexual contact with the young woman. None of the other four Richmond cops identified in the probe are on paid leave, however those who worked with youth have reportedly been reassigned. All the Richmond police officers reportedly had contact with her since she turned 18.

In an email to Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, City Manager Bill Lindsay and Councilmembers, Brown said the probe remains active and outgoing and preferred “not to have this investigation led by the news media.”

“We will not comment further,” he said, adding, “We understand the heightened anxiety that many are experiencing and we’re working hard to move things along as quickly as we can.


  1. Mayor and Council members,

    Clearly Chief Brown is not up to the task of responding appropriately to the current sex scandal hitting our police department.

    When the police officers being investigated for possible wrongdoing were identified as including Richmond officers Chief Brown refused to put them on leave. When a woman from RYSE explained to him that he needed to remove two officers from duties involving children he did so. Why didn’t he do so to begin with? At Wednesday night’s Police Review Commission Meeting, several speakers demanded that he put all the officers being investigated on paid leave. He resisted.

    The following day the RPD attempted to obstruct justice by trying to send the key witness in the multi-jurisdiction sex scandal to Florida. She refused to go.

    Today we see that Chief Brown finally responded to public pressure by putting only one of the named officers on paid leave.

    If this were a Keystone Cops movie, all these gyrations might be humorous but this is not a comedy. This is a tragedy playing out before the members of our community and the whole Bay Area.

    Chief Brown needs to be immediately relieved of his duties by City Manager Bill Lindsay. The way this situation is being mishandled by the Police Chief, the City Manager, the Mayor, and the City Council is once again bringing shame and ridicule to our City.