City Council makes big cuts to balance new budget

State of the City: Richmond faces difficult financial road

The Richmond City Council unanimously passed a balanced budget last week that will include painful cuts to staff and services in order to close an approximately $13 million deficit for FY2016-17.

Among the many cost-cutting moves approved at the June 28 meet were staff reductions in the City Attorney and Finance departments, reductions in part-time temporary staffing and overtime within the Richmond Police Department, and substantial reductions to part-time staffing at the Richmond Public Library and Community Services division.

The three members of the Richmond Progressive Alliance on council — Gayle McLaughlin, Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez —  approved the budget reluctantly, saying they opposed austerity measures that didn’t include greater cuts to the salary and benefits of city managers and supervisors.

Mayor Tom Butt hailed the passing of the budget as a significant victory for the city. Richmond has faced financial danger after being downgraded by two credit rating agencies, and a financial advisor to the city warned of annual deficits if the city failed to cut expenses, raise revenue and ultimately balance its budget.



  1. Mayor T. King Butt is no friend of the working class residents of Richmond. Butt and Lindsay created the problem and the community has to pay the price for their folly.

  2. That balanced budget is a lie and a fraud. This City is extremely top heavy (over 750 employees for the a city the size of Richmond is crazy) and they know it (they have been warned on more than one occasion by experts). Therefore if cuts do not come from the top and middle management, the budget will not be balance for years, the debt will continue to rise, and the city will remain on the brink of bankruptcy or go broke. It always seems to be the case to cut jobs where people actually work (lower level employees), than management positions that are unnecessary and unproductive. The incompetence level of the RPA city officials is on full display. I hope voters remember this when they go to polls ,as well as, the new schemes to make taxpayers pay more for less to cover their unnecessary debts (litter tax, rent control, etc.).