New El Toro Sculpture celebrates Richmond-born sailboat design


On Boat Ramp Street just off of Cutting Boulevard in Richmond, a new sculpture (pictured to the right of the fence-line bushes) is celebrating the origin of the highly influential El Toro sailboat design, which was created in Richmond in 1940.

On Saturday, July 16, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia and representatives of the El Toro International Racing Association plan to speak at an event honoring the new sculpture, according to the Trails for Richmond Action Committee (TRAC).

The world famous El Toro style was designed by a group of sailing enthusiasts who were interested in an easy-to-build boat design that kids could sail, according to TRAC.

“They designed it so the hull could be cut out of two sheets of plywood. Many thousands of sailors – including Olympic champions – have learned to sail in an El Toro,” TRAC said.

See the flyer below for more information.

Microsoft Word - El Toro Flyer