County offering free licensing for pets amid fireworks season


Since fireworks may cause frightened pets to flee their homes, Contra Costa Animal Services has been offering free licensing services this month.

By licensing, micro-chipping or putting a collar on pets, owners are better able to reunify with them in the case that they go missing during the Independence Day celebrations, the county says.

Through Thursday, June 30, CCAS will waive all late fees and penalties for animal owners who license or renew their pet’s license. As part of the deal, pet owners can get a free ticket home should their pet end up at the county shelter during the month of July, as long as the pet is reclaimed within 48 hours.

“The agency hopes that the program will assist owners in ensuring that their pets are licensed by July 4th, when loud noises and bangs cause many pets to escape due to discomfort,” the county said.