Water main bursts on newly paved street in Richmond


A resident sent us these photos of a water main rupture on Wednesday which shot a geyser of water onto a Richmond street that had been paved just eight hours earlier.

The water main burst about 6 p.m. near S45th Street and Sycamore Avenue. A crew from the East Bay Municipal Utility District responded and worked until 11 p.m. to restore water to customers, the resident said.

“The water is back now,” the resident told us. “The really frustrating part of all this is they JUST paved the road that morning! It had been awful for years, and now it’s all torn up again!”

Check back for updates on possible causes for the water main break.

Below are photos of minor flooding along with photos of the pavement work from earlier in the day.




  1. If you look at the photo with the grey pickup truck, you can actually see a little mound deforming the asphalt that would later turn into that huge geyser of water!

  2. This street has had constant problems with the sewer line and water line. At least a couple times year they have had to dig up part of the street to patch some broken line. I’m afraid that all the new pavement will be blemished by patch jobs to get at more broken sewer and water lines in the very near future. Not to mention that this particular road has been a drag strip for local thugs for years, and a favorite place to do cookies. Now it has fresh pavement and no speed bumps, so it’s actually going to be less safe than it was before paving.