Richmond mayor reacts to Supreme Court ruling on Obama immigration plan

Mayor Butt warns voters to read proposed November initiatives before signing petitions

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling this morning on President Obama’s executive action on DAPA and expanded DACA (story here) , Mayor Tom Butt released the following statement:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling on #DAPA is extremely disappointing. Under DAPA, more than 720,000 immigrants nationwide were able to access work permits and driver’s licenses, among other benefits, and had temporary relief from deportation. The law created a more inclusive workforce by driving a more productive economy; it kept families together and allowed families to come out of the shadows; and it provided a clear pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Investing in immigrants benefits communities many times over. In Richmond, we know that serving undocumented persons without prejudice improves their access to jobs, thereby enhancing their prospects for independence and prosperity – all to the overall benefit of our city’s health and safety. These efforts are also consistent with our most cherished values of inclusion and equity.

Richmond will continue to be a safe and welcoming city for immigrants, with the aim of proactively counteracting fear and providing families with help and support. We are a Sanctuary City, and will continue to enforce our policies designed to allow all residents to live free from discrimination, hostility, abuse, violence, exploitation and fear.

In addition, my administration will continue to be a member of Cities For Action, a coalition over 100 mayors and municipalities that are leading the effort to support stronger, safer and more economically prosperous cities and counties through immigration action.

Together, we will continue to welcome and embrace new immigrants in Richmond, collaborate with others to shape the national debate on immigration, and promote legal and community-based efforts in support of DAPA and DACA.

The #FightForFamilies continues.


  1. I do believe that there should be a pathway to citizenship and congress should do their jobs to make that happen. After all, we are all descendants of immigrants (native Americans the only exception) whether by choice or by slavery. But Richmond as a sanctuary has been a complete failure, and this is evident in the city’s fiscal problems. Richmond should have never become a sanctuary city, because it did not have the intra-structure to support it. As a result of sanctuary city status, we have had an explosion of immigrants (not their fault). This explosion broke the hospital system (Brookside shut-down due to cost), and expanded city government to provide services (for them) that the taxpayers here could not and can not afford (which is one reason the city is going bankrupt).

    It all sounds good until some one has to pay of it. Learn to think, before you do.

  2. Enforcing and arresting illegal immigrants / immigration is not racist! The money spent to support illegal immigration is too high. If you support them so much there Butts, could you at least put a porto-potty near home Depot so they don’t do their business in the bushes in the parking lot??