Terminal One Project clears Planning Commission, headed to City Council


The 323-unit Terminal One Project in Point Richmond is headed to Richmond City Council for review after the project on Thursday passed through the Planning Commission, which made a number of recommendations to council.

Located on nearly 14 acres of vacant land east of Ferry Point and west of the Richmond Yacht Club, the project calls for building 21 townhomes, 302 condominiums, a 1.9-acre public waterfront park and a connection for the San Francisco Bay Trail. Buildings near the shore would be two to three stories while buildings near the hills would be four to five stories. The units would range in size from 800 square feet to 2,400 feet.

The plans include the possibility of a coffee shop and restaurant serving residents of the development.

The project has faced opposition from the Brickyard Cove Alliance for Responsible Developments, which claims to represent 550 neighboring homeowners and the Richmond Yacht Club. Opponents want the project’s maximum height to be cut nearly in half from the current 61.5 feet, saying the current height will obstruct public views, particularly along Brickyard Cove Road. They also warn about increased traffic from a large influx of new residents to the area.

Possible wind impacts caused by the height of buildings to the yacht club where brought up, as well.

Opponents say they are not against developing the site, but want its size reduced.

On Thursday, City Council was asked by Planning Commissioners to consider a number of concerns about the project, including its visual impacts to Brickyard Cove Road users, the wind impact its height may have on Richmond Yacht Club programs, and its resiliency to sea level rise.

Photo: Project rendering from city documents.