Iron Triangle: New police dog aids in gun/drug bust


A Memorial Day bust in the Iron Triangle led to the arrest of a 16-year-old boy on charges of possessing a loaded gun, but the incident also marked a milestone for Richmond’s newest police dog, who is named after his handler’s fallen Army colleague.

Richmond police reported about the incident on Tuesday, saying new police pooch “Isshak,” a two-year-old Belgium Malinois — named after Staff Sergeant Daniel Isshak, who was killed in action in 2006 in Hawija, Iraq — managed to smell marijuana from the suspect vehicle from a far distance.

The incident unfolded in the 600 block of 7th Street at about 10:35 a.m. on Memorial Day. Isshak and his handler, Officer Eric Moczulski, were patrolling the area when they spotted a Ford SUV failing to stop at a stop sign, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.


Moczulski contacted the driver and smelled marijuana coming from inside the car. As he removed the right rear passenger of the car, who was a 16-year-old boy, the officer “heard a loud thud” and found a 2-shot, .38-caliber pistol had dropped onto the rocker panel of the car.

The 16-year-old was taken into custody on suspicion of possessing the loaded pistol, Tan said. After everyone was removed the car, Isshak kept barking from a distance. He alerted police to a quantity of marijuana still stashed inside the car. None of the car’s occupants had a medical marijuana card.

Isshak was praised for the bust.

“Officer Moczulski always knew that Isshak was a special pup and wanted to honor (his fallen Army colleague) Daniel,” Tan said. “I think he did just that and we thank Daniel Isshak for his service and sacrifice for our freedom.”

Daniel Isshak is pictured below alongside the police canine named after him:



  1. And how much was the quantity of Marijuana? You want this released to ensure transparency and no resale of any “confiscated” back into the system. We all know how bent systems can be.

    Clean up Richmond already! It’s amazing that such civic leaders allow this prime piece of real estate circle around the drain for this long.