Another deliciously fun Culinary Clash at Kitchen@812


We have received several reports and photos proving that the annual Culinary Clash at Kitchen@812 on Friday was another fun and delicious time.

Tastings of local foods and wines accompanied a popular cook-off involving four talented chefs supported by sponsor teams. The fifth running of this popular fundraiser supports Kitchen@812, a highly-regarded nonprofit at 812 San Pablo Ave. in Pinole that helps local budding “food-preneurs” launch their businesses.

The chefs and their teammates were tasked with transforming secret ingredients into a winning dish within a certain time period.

This year’s secret ingredients: chicken livers and prickly pear.


The winner of the 2016 Culinary Clash was Team Contra Costa College led by Chef Phillipe Routhier, who was supported by County Planner Gabriel Lemus and Pinole Councilmember Maureen Toms.

Other sponsor teams included Team Chevron led by Chef Narciso Salvador of Kin Khao in San Francisco. Chevron Operations Manager Alan Davis and Dina Rosales of the Pinole Chamber of Commerce supported Chef Salvador.

Team Pacific Gas & Electric Co., which had been defending champion, was led by Chef Meyta Saetern with support from Sonia Bustamante with Supervisor John Gioia’s office.

Team Mechanics Bank was led by Chef Marc Maier and supported by Senior Financial Advisor Tom Bennett and Aimee Lohr of the Rodeo Chamber of Commerce.

Judges for this year’s clash (pictured below) included Greg Dunmore of The Japanese Pantry, Alison Negrin of Chef Alison Negrin & Associates and Kevin Tucker of Old Skool Café.


The Master of Ceremonies was “Mack” Williams.

Check out more photos from this year’s clash, starting with one of the secret ingredients, chicken liver: