Richmond officers may be involved in Oakland police sex scandal


An Oakland police sex scandal involving a prostitute who claims to have had sex with dozens of police officers from multiple agencies — including five Richmond police officers — has rocked the Bay Area and may have played a part in the resignation of Oakland’s police chief, according to the East Bay Express and East Bay Times.

The woman, a Richmond resident who is being identified by the fake name Celeste Guap for her protection, said she slept with three Oakland police officers before she turned 18 in August, which would constitute statutory rape, according to the Times. See the newspaper’s full report here.

An investigation was launched when Officer Brendan O’Brien, the first officer who began a sexual relationship with Guap, committed suicide last September and left behind a note naming other officers who were involved with Guap, according to the Times.

The East Bay Express broke the story about the massive scandal. In a telephone interview with the Times on Saturday, Guap said she slept with 24 police officers, mostly from OPD, some of whom provided her with police tips on scheduled anti-prostitution stings.

Among the officers Guap claimed to have had sexual encounters with, five were identified as Richmond police officers, including a lieutenant and two sergeants. Richmond police Chief Allwyn Brown told news outlets that his department is investigating the claims.

Guap says she was an adult during encounters with RPD officers.

Guap also said she slept with law enforcement officials with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the Livermore Police Department.

Guap, daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, said she became a prostitute at age 12 on the streets of Richmond, then moved onto Oakland, where she met Officer Brendan O’Brien, who had protected her from a pimp. They began a sexual relationship that led to others. She called police her protectors.


  1. Fuckin pigs.. Supposed to be helping these women find another way besides prostituting not fucking em and giving them tips to remain a “safe” prostitute…

  2. Horrible that the officers took advantage of this youth!! But once again poor parenting is going to get this self proclaimed heroin addict street walker paid!! I hope mom is a better dispatcher than a parent!!??