Three arrested in connection with shootings at Brickyard Landing


Two Richmond police officers climbed a trail into a hill Wednesday night and arrested three people in connection with shootings over the last few days targeting the Brickyard Landing condominium complex.

In the shooting incident that led to the arrests, bullets “whizzed by” a police officer who was interviewing a neighbor about the incidents, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

“We don’t believe it’s target practice,” Tan said. “The shots were toward the apartments and our officer. The bullets whizzed by.”

Over the past few days, residents of the neighborhood have complained about hearing shots fired, but no suspects were located until Wednesday night, Tan stated in a post on the Richmond Police Department Facebook page.

At about 10:20 p.m. on Wednesday, a resident called 911 after hearing “the sound of bullets whizz by him.” A responding officer heard a few additional shots ring out, and then after the officer made contact with the resident, he heard “additional shots and the sounds of projectiles whiz by his head,” Tan said.

A second officer responded to assist, and the two cops hiked up a trail on a hill, where they heard voices and saw the beam from a flashlight.

“Both officers hid and waited for the three suspects to walk past them, down the hill and made contact with them,” Tan said. “The suspects were caught off guard and surprised to be greeted by RPD officers.”


The suspects’ identities were not immediately available. And their motive wasn’t clear. They were described only as two Richmond residents and one from San Pablo. When they were taken into custody, they were allegedly found in possession of a loaded .40 caliber Glock pistol (pictured) with over 50 expended .40-caliber casings and a box of bullets.

“We are relieved to report that nobody was injured from this incident,” Tan said. “We are proud of our officers’ courageous decision and actions. This is another great example of community members working with us as a team to make our city safer.”