No go for Measures N and O


With all precincts reporting, unofficial elections results Wednesday morning show Measures N and O being defeated.


Measure N would amend the Richmond General Plan 2030 to allow for a development of 59 single-family homes in Marina Bay.

Measure O would prohibit City Council from compensating Richmond’s City Manager in excess of five times the median household income for the City of Richmond.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, a staunch opponent of both measures, praised the elections results Wednesday morning in his email newsletter, saying “sanity prevailed” at the polls.

“Measures N and O were placed on the ballot by Florida would-be developer Richard Poe, who tried to make an end run around the normal planning and public review process with Measure N and tried to punish the City of Richmond with Measure O by reducing the city manager’s compensation to an unrealistic level,” Butt said.

Supporters of Measure N argue city leaders want to block the 59-unit development in order to over-develop the city’s waterfront. The city says the proposed development, described as a suburban-style housing project, doesn’t fit with Richmond’s growing waterfront, which will soon have a ferry terminal and Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce also opposed both measures.

To view all elections results for county, state and federal governments, go here.


  1. I find this very interesting, if it is look upon as positive. Because the land still belongs to Poe (who doesn’t have to develop it at all) and the City is going broke due to bloated salaries and benefits, as well as, mismanagement.

    Also on another note, polling places should be investigated before the next elections. There were some issues and I hope they were reported..