Small Biz Boost: ACE Hardware, 4920 McBryde Ave.


Owned by brothers Robert and Patrick Eames, the ACE Hardware at 4920 McBryde Ave. has been serving Richmond residents for 43 years.

The business is known for excellent and personalized customer service, as evidenced in Yelp reviews and also through word-of-mouth from neighbors.

“Besides selling retail hardware, we solve people’s problems with plumbing, electrical…” Bob Eames said.

Eames will attempt to lend his experience to just about any home improvement job. His shop also carries certain products that cannot be purchased elsewhere in the area.

He loves how Richmond is close to the Bay and the hills.

“It’s got Wildcat Canyon,” Eames said. “What more could you ask for?”

When stepping out for coffee or food, Eames recommends Cafe McBryde right across the street from ACE, or Catahoula Coffee on San Pablo Avenue.

Video, photo and interview by Mike “Racoon Eyes” Kinney


  1. Hands down the BEST hardware store you can go to. If you don’t know about this place, go and discover the first rate customer service and quality advice. A true Richmond gem.

  2. This article does not go far enough in singing the praises of this loacal treasure.

    For decades it’s been well known amongst people who need something that this is the place to go. I’ve only been relying on them for 36 years. They have everything and that includes advice. And they’re multilingual!