El Cerrito High’s Kaylah Robinson places 2nd in 100m hurdles at CIF State Championships


This wise young athlete sees silver linings in silver medals.

El Cerrito High junior Kaylah Robinson has come a long way in a year to become a track star, but her maturity as a person is what shined the most following the CIF State Championship at Buchanan High’s Veterans Memorial Stadium in Clovis.

After placing 2nd in the 100m hurdles final in 13.44, a personal best, Robinson faced some difficult questions from a journalist at Runnerspace.com, who asked if she was frustrated that her race perhaps wasn’t as clean as she had wanted. See the video here.

Robinson kept her head up and also her smile, declining to be negative.

“I didn’t have a very clean race,” she responded, adding, “I executed my first hurdle, which I don’t normally do, so I am happy to take that away from the race.”

The reporter then acknowledged how strongly she had closed the race, asking if she wished she had “another couple steps, a hurdle” to gain ground on the eventual winner.

Robinson again declined to dwell on the race’s downsides.

“I felt like if the finish line was just two meters further, I could have gotten the title. But it’s OK. It’s a learning experience. I have never been this competitive at a state meet. I’m happy to take that away. And next year I know what to do.”

Her focus throughout the interview was less about her losses and more about her gains. She assumed the point of view that losses are, in fact, gains, as they fuel improvement.

“This [race] definitely fueled me,” she said, adding later, “I have improved so much.Even if I didn’t walk away with the title, I’m still so proud of myself.”