San Pablo baseball league launches fundraiser after Davis Park theft


The San Pablo Baseball Association has fallen on hard times and needs the community’s help.

Either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, the Davis Park Snack Bar was broken into and everything within it was either stolen or damaged, the league announced. The photo above was posted by the league showing how the thief or thieves ransacked the snack bar.

The league lost baseballs, crockpots, all of its designated food for the snack bar, microwaves, foreman grills and its cash register.

So much was stolen, the league “may not have the funds for our All Star teams fees, All Star uniforms,” trophies for kids and the closing ceremony, according to league official Ron Gay.

“This is a huge lost for San Pablo Baseball Association and truly a disappointment to a very successful season,”  Gay said in the page. ” We have spoken to the [San Pablo Police Department] and they have a full investigation underway.”

Gay called the incident a “truly a sad day for our league” and said he hopes the community can help the youth players get the program they deserve.

To donate, visit the account here.