Native American Walk for Sobriety set for July 16


The United Urban Warrior Society (UUWS) of Central California will host its second annual Native American Walk for Sobriety on Saturday, July 16, in Richmond.

The event will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting from the intersection of San Pablo and Macdonald avenues. The walk will proceed down Macdonald to 33rd Street, where water and refreshments will be offered, and continue on to the Native American Wellness Center at 2566 Macdonald Ave.

The event aims to shine a light on the destruction of alcoholism, which the UUWS considers a great concern among Native Americans. But it is a community-wide concern, as well, and the UUWS has been using sobriety walks to reach all community members.

UUWS advocates for advancements in human and civil rights for Native Americans.


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