East Bay Soldiers winning big, attracting spotlight


The Steph Curry-effect that has swept the Bay Area and nation has garnered a bit of fame for the East Bay Soldiers, who haven’t let the added attention interrupt their winning ways.

Back in April, the San Francisco Chronicle stopped by an East Bay Soldiers’ practice in Richmond for a cover story on how Curry’s incredible shooting ability is causing youth basketball players to launch an increasing number of long-range shots. It also covered Curry’s positive influences as a role model who works extremely hard at his craft.

That widely read story apparently peaked the interest of the French cable network Canal+, which stopped by the Soldiers’ practice on Wednesday at the Booker T. Anderson Community Center, 960 S 47th St. in Richmond.


“The reporter and videographer were on hand for the entire practice,” coaches told us, adding that Christopher Whitmore, a rep from Mayor Tom Butt’s office, also attended.

A French reporter inquired about Curry’s influence and impact on youth from both the perspectives of coaches and players.

“The reporter was very, very nice and stayed the entire 2hrs of practice,” coaches said. “He interviewed several of our players.”

But the limelight has not come at the expense of quality play.

Recently, the East Bay Soldiers took five teams to the Jam On It AAU tournament in Reno, and three teams returned to Richmond with championships.


The Mayor’s Office posted the photos included in this story following their victories, as the teams’ trip received funding from the Mayor’s Community Fund.

“Congrats to the East Bay Soldiers players, coaches and family members for your hard earned success,” Mayor Tom Butt posted on Facebook. “And thank you to the Mayor’s Community Fund steering committee members – Rosemary Corbin, Joshua Genser, Janie Holland, Doria Robinson, Jim Becker, Brian Villa, and Stacey Street – for helping me choose Jam On It as one of several youth sports teams and leagues to receive funding from the Mayor’s Community Fund this year!”


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