Apple delivers iPads to every student at Stege Elementary


Representatives of Apple Inc. swung by Stege Elementary School in Richmond on Tuesday in order to give every teacher and student a free iPad along with instruction on how to use the device.

The event was part of Apple’s pledge to give $100 million in teaching and learning technologies to 114 underserved schools across the nation — and is part of the company’s participation in President Obama’s ConnectED initiative.

Every teacher at Stege received an iPad and Mac while about 300 students received personally assigned iPads that will remain at the school and be used solely for educational purposes.

The new iPads will fuel the school’s “Stege In Sync” program, which aims to engage students, school staff and parents in the education process through technology.

After Apple representatives, many of them from the Berkeley store, helped teachers roll bins of iPads to classrooms, they hung around to offer introductory courses on how to use the devices.

“The opportunities of this grant are endless,” Stege Principal Kim Moses said. “By having state-of-the-art technology and the support of many service providers, our students and teachers will engage in a robust initiative called ‘Stege in Sync.’ Students and teachers will engage in innovative instruction and creativity through technology.”


  1. Shout out to Obama, MLK and all the other great principles and leaders who were apart of Stege’s history who got them to the point where they can be in the right position to recieve helpful gifts. I’m sure the kids enjoy school even more now that their learning with 2016 learning tools.

  2. I personally feel the ipads and macbooks should have went to a school more deserving to have them.Before stege can start teaching kids technology they first need to correct other problems that they have going on at the school that is sweeped up under the rug.Ending this the money that was spent to help the kids they will see it was a total waste of time trust me