Richmond Tool Library reaches fundraising goal, to open in June


Richmond’s first tool library is slated to open in June after project organizers reached their crowdfunding goal of $12,598.

As we reported last month, the Richmond Tool Library will be located at the Richmond Department of Community Services (formerly the Recreation Department) at 3230 Macdonald Ave.

Residents can check out a wide array of tools as they would books — using a library card and proof of residency.

The pair behind the project, Kiana Ward and Guadalupe Morales, say the free resource will inspire residents to perform maintenance and enhancement of homes and community spaces.

“Not many people have an extra $400 lying around to purchase tools like cement mixers and table saws to fix their homes and neighborhoods” Ward said. “If we can lend these tools to our residents free of charge, we’ll encourage our residents to take collective ownership and reduce blight in our neighborhoods together.”

Morales and Ward have collected tool donations from individuals, labor unions, neighborhood groups and big name stores like OSH and Home Depot. The “enormous variety” of tools include table saws, power drills, crow bars, planes, sanders, tool belts, levels and more.

“Words can’t express the overwhelming generosity the Tool Library has been shown,” Ward said.

Ward and Morales got the idea for the tool lending library while helping to administer Richmond’s AmeriCorps VISTA Love Your Block mini-grant program. The various mini-grants have been funding small but impactful community improvement projects in the city that address blight.

For more information about the Tool Library and when the grand opening will take place, visit the Richmond Tool Library Facebook page.

Those who’d like to donate funds can email or call (510) 620-6553.