Local family seeks public’s help in finding hit-and-run driver


A local man is seeking the public’s help in finding the hit-and-run driver who caused a crash on Interstate Highway 80 in Richmond earlier this month that sent his wife to the hospital.

The incident occurred about 9:10 a.m. on May 11 in the westbound lanes headed toward the Carlson Boulevard exit. The victim’s car was rear-ended and the other driver didn’t bother stopping to see if she was OK, the local man said.

The hit-and-run driver exited on Carlson Boulevard.

The photo on the left shows the victim’s car after the crash. The middle photo shows the location of a highway camera that the local family hopes may have captured the driver fleeing the crash scene. The photo on the right shows the man’s wife being taken by ambulance.

Thankfully, the victim is OK. But the family fears that a reckless driver is on the loose, leaving other drivers unsafe.

The suspect vehicle was described as a black SUV with a plate that has red number on it. The last three numbers on the plate was either 172 or 712.

Any motorists who witness the incident please report to CHP with telephone number( 510) 450-3821 with Officer ID #19866.