Richmond Chamber opposes Measures N and O


A statement from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce:

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce opposes local ballot Measure N, which would amend the Richmond General Plan 2030 and allow for the development of a 59 unit single family home detached project at the site south of the intersection of Marina Way South.

The local measure is called the Richmond Riviera Project, and would place 59 single family homes into an area that is considered an activity center. The parcel is zoned for Medium-Intensity Mixed-Use (Commercial Emphasis). Typical projects in areas with this zoning promote not only residential, but commercial, retail, office, and entertainment as well – this project simply focuses on residential. With the forthcoming ferry service and proximity to the Rosie the Riveter Museum and Craneway Pavilion, the area would benefit from projects that match the current zoning and mixed-use emphasis. Measure N would fail to make use of the opportunities that the Ford Peninsula in Marina Bay provides.

Measure N also fails to benefit the area economically. While construction would bring approximately 100 short-term jobs, the project would fail to bring permanent jobs to the City of Richmond. Additionally, the project would make it difficult to attract other businesses to the area, which prevents the generation of additional sales tax revenue for the City of Richmond.

The City of Richmond needs permanent jobs and increased sales tax revenue, and needs to do so with balanced and sensible development. Without the ability to promote these two economic drivers, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce opposes Measure N.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce opposes local ballot Measure O, which would prohibit City Council from compensating the City Manager in excess of five times the median household income for the City of Richmond.

Municipalities today are run much like corporations, and by limiting compensation for executive level management, there is a risk of losing or demotivating those affected. As a community, we don’t want to have complacent City employees, we want motived employees who want what is best for the City in exchange for competitive compensation.

The City of Richmond is a large and complex city, with challenges ranging from the Port of Richmond, a redeveloping Hilltop Mall, and the Berkeley Global Campus. Measure O will disrupt the leadership in the City of Richmond, and would negatively affect the economic growth in the City of Richmond.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce urges voters to vote no on Measure O.


  1. For the Richmond chamber to side with one business against another would never have happened when I was a member of the executive board. Where has the Chamber been while the city is headed down the road to bankruptcy ? Yes Mayor Butt is a millionaire , landlord competing directly with our businesses . The chamber never met with our experts on the development , nor have they studied the housing project and teacher housing in any detail what so ever based . Marina Bay is a master planned community , which we were the master developer . This 220 acres of development which was in the hundreds of millions in economic development has changed the city of Richmond .

  2. Nextdoor Point Richmond
    Subject: Re: Measures N and O
    Date: May 20, 2016 at 8:53:31 AM PDT
    Tom Butt, Point Richmond
    “The image in my email to Richard Mitchell that Poe used in his mailer is representative of the maximum density that would be allowed by the General Plan 20130 on the Richmond Riviera site.I have also provided images of lesser densities (see below) that are still twice what Poe is proposing and still less dense than some other Marina Bay housing projects such as The Anchorage and Anchor Cove.”

  3. It’s interesting that my original post was deleted . Let me simply state , as a past executive board member, the chamber back in the mid to late 1980 would never have taken a position without hearing both sides. Taking one position in favor of one business over another is hard to believe . The simple facts are after developing Marina Bay for 30 years , which now produces over $ 4.5 million a year in tax revenue , it seems logical the Chamber would call us in to understand the project , which produces over $ 3.5 million in one time fee’s and over $ 500,000 a year in tax revenue . The teacher housing of around 50 units will help stabilize our educational system in Richmond. The real issue here , is simple and is why Chevrons lobbyist and the RPA and Mayor Share the same goal , is not to have the people decide land use issues , but only politicians . The chamber has lost creditability .

  4. Funny, how they advise a NO vote on O because they want to keep competitive wages but forget to state the current salary is $100K more than the surrounding cities of Richmond. Yes on O, actually would bring the City Managers salary to about the same as the surrounding cities which in my opinion would help attract candidates that actually believe they can help Richmond best, by NOT having the influence of a hefty additional $100K while deciding to apply/accept the position. Like I said before, the increased salary has not correlated to increased success as city manager, and can be argued to attract candidates who are simply in it for the money. Which is why our City Manager salary should be similar to the surrounding city salaries and the freed up funds should go into the recruitment/hiring process to focus on attracting/finding and VETTING quality candidates. High salary does not equal exclusively high quality applicants. We have to vet our options and hold the chosen ones accountable. An attractive salary cannot perform that job completely or efficiently. Thus, a Yes on O is a step in the right direction but either way, the issue still stands and is worsened if we continue to use money to attract but not our brains to critique.

  5. Richmond Resident: I for one am voting yes on Mr. Poe’s Marina plan. The General Plan 2030 has been forced down our throats by our Council and planners who think they know what’s good for our community. I am sick of them telling me to walk or ride a bike down San Pablo Ave. because it’s good for my health. Like i NEED them to tell me what is good for me!? They are in total denial of the crime and issues that come with huge amounts of populations. Why don’t they bring big density to the dilapitated downtown? Or why don’t they help the Hilltop area that the City has abandoned? I don’t want the Marina area to be wall to wall people with no parking and what they think that millenials will visit. I for one will vote Yes on Mr. Poe’s project.