Suspects arrested in connection with Richmond gas station homicide


Richmond police have arrested two suspects in connection with the barrage of bullets that killed 26-year-old Reginald Atkinson in broad daylight at a Cutting Boulevard Valero gas station on April 28.

Only a few hours after the shooting, detectives determined the suspects to be 35-year-old Edbert James III and 29-year-old Rosezetta Murray, police Lt. Felix Tan said.

A detective learned that the suspects had fled to the Las Vegas metropolitan area. On May 11, with help from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Richmond police located and arrested the suspects.

James (pictured left) was charged with murder with a $3 million bail and Murray (right) was charged with accessory to murder with a $500,000 bail, Tan said.

26-year-old man fatally shot on Cutting Boulevard in broad daylight

“We hope the arrests of the pair brings some closure to the Atkinson family and that swift justice will prevail,” Tan said.

Atkinson was gunned down at 4:47 p.m. at the Valero station at 3701 Cutting Blvd. Officers registered 16 shots fired. The shots were heard around the neighborhood, including at nearby Kennedy High.