WWI cannon stolen from Richmond Veterans Memorial Hall


Richmond police detectives say they have recovered the World War I, 105mm cannon that was stolen on May 1 from the Veterans Memorial Hall at 968 23rd St.

The theft, which was captured on camera, occurred during the early morning hours, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

To haul off the cannon, the suspects used a teal or blue regular cab and midsize to full size pickup truck with a silver rear bumper and wheels.

“This selfish act is not just about stealing a 1 ton, 5 ft iron/brass cannon that’s been there since 1947,” Tan said. “This act is about stealing a piece of our country’s history, and stealing from our war veterans who fought bravely for our country and our freedom.”

The cannon was found after it was sold to an unsuspecting East Bay resident, police said. Detectives are now trying to identify suspects.


  1. It is not a 105 mm cannon. It is a US Model 1902 three Inch field gun. This model was obsolete by 1917, and they were not used overseas. The US relied on the French to provide them with the famous “french 75” field piece. These guns were utilized for training purposes in the US, and American batteries were issued the French guns when they arrived overseas.