Alert Richmond cop figures out shooter’s location


For those who thought they heard shots fired a few weeks ago on Harbour Way South between Maine and Florida avenues, it indeed happened and resulted with an arrest, Richmond police announced Monday.

The Shotspotter gun detection system alerted police to the gunfire at about 1:30 a.m. that morning, police Lt. Felix Tan said. At about the same time, a patrolling officer in the area saw a car leaving the area at a high rate of speed.

The cop followed the car from a distance, then saw it pull over abruptly a few blocks ahead of him. After stopping to investigate, the officer saw one person in the car along with bullet casings on the seat. A search of the vehicle uncovered a loaded .32 caliber pistol, Tan said.

No victims were found as a result of the gunfire, Tan said. The suspect was arrested, but declined to cooperate with the investigation, Tan added. His identity wasn’t immediately available.

The cop was credited with having good instincts and for responding effectively to a potentially volatile situation.