O-naje’s wise ‘Political Circus’ targets presidential campaign, media


Rapper O-naje is known for spreading wisdom with his rhymes, but the Pinole Valley High alum may have topped himself on his latest track, Political Circus.

O-naje, who grew up in Hercules, has strong ties with the Richmond community and currently resides in Oakland, recently invited the Richmond Standard to listen to the new song. What we heard was a scathing, spot-on critique on current American politics over a far more pleasant beat.

Political Circus targets the ongoing Presidential campaign and rejects falling into the trap of regurgitating political party slogans or causes. Just the opposite, O-naje takes a non-partisan approach in that no presidential candidates or parties are spared from criticism. The media takes a beating in the song, as well.

We we felt this graph summed up O-naje’s message in Political Circus:

“I’m not here to tell you on which candidate to cast your vote. All I’m saying is understand that this charade is a mixture of truth and lies. It’s deceit and disguise. And who plays this game the best in the end, is who will collect the prize.”

O-naje, which means “the sensitive one” in Swahili, is known for profound works and began writing raps at age 7. He was introduced to “conscious rap” while attending Grambling State University. Check out more of his music here.

Here’s a recent interview with O-naje at KPOO 98.9 FM: