Richmond to SF commute race pits bikes against ferry and cars


In a race during the Thursday morning commute from The Shores property in Richmond’s Marina Bay neighborhood to downtown San Francisco, the bike team that rode BART arrived 30 minutes faster than the driving team.

The Clean Commute Challenge was put on by The Shores as part of an education campaign for new and prospective owners of the waterfront condos at 1 Shoreline Ct.

The bike, car and ferry teams set off from The Shores at the same time on a normal traffic day, destined for downtown San Francisco.

The bike team, which rode to BART’s El Cerrito Plaza Station, as instructed by Google Maps, reached downtown San Francisco in 50 minutes,organizers said.

Coming in second were the ferry riders of the future. While the Richmond-SF ferry isn’t expected to begin service until 2018, the ferry team walked instead to a charter boat headed to San Francisco. That trip took 65 minutes, but organizers noted the trip would likely have been faster had they biked. The walk to the marina pier took 15 minutes, organizers said.

In last place was the driving team, which took Interstate 580 to Interstate 80 and the Bay Bridge to reach San Francisco. That was an 80-minute ride all-told, according to representatives of The Shores.


The idea behind the race was to offer residents education on transportation options and to also promote green methods of travel.

“People often don’t believe it ’til they try it, but bike commuting is usually faster, cheaper and a lot healthier, too,” Renee Rivera, executive director of Bike East Bay, said in a statement.

Rivera participated on the bike team.

Linda De la Torre, a Shores resident, took the ferry route and said she can’t wait for service to begin in Richmond.

“Commuting to work doesn’t have to be stressful or bad for the planet, but can be faster, healthier and cheaper if you just look beyond the auto,” said Ashley Campos, marketing manager for Polaris Pacific, the sales and marketing firm representing The Shores.