Apr 25, 2016

Before explaining how she performs miracles, Tammy Hatch (pictured on left) states emphatically, “I am no one special.”

The Richmond resident and middle school science teacher doesn’t want anyone getting the idea that she’s the next Jesus Christ or pretending to be. Hatch says she is a mere mortal who happens to have the right amount of faith and training to heal people through prayer.

“I want [Jesus] to get all the credit,” Hatch says. “Jesus said anyone who believes could do the miracles He did — they just have to be trained.”

Hatch has practiced prayer healing for years. She has posted several YouTube videos claiming to show the miracles in action in West County cities and in Berkeley. One video shows Hatch performing the healing prayer on people’s athletic injuries on the streets of Pinole to positive effect. Another shows a man apparently able to move his paralyzed thumb following a prayer session with Hatch.

She heals and trains anyone willing to put their faith in the spiritual procedure.

That, of course, begs the question: Has Hatch’s spiritual beliefs interfered or influenced her ability to learn science and teach the subject to public school students? Hatch’s answer is both complex and simple. In short, she says she has long explored the relationship between scientific principles and miracles, but says she stops short of introducing her findings or religious beliefs in a classroom. She abides by laws separating religion from state.

“If you’re talking about evolution, I will teach whatever the state pays me to teach,” Hatch says. “Currently I don’t teach it because I teach physical science….I’m careful to abide by the rules. If a student asks me if I believe in God I will tell them yes and keep it at that.”

Hatch says she is one of a number of people who practice prayer healing. However, Hatch says she doesn’t belong to a local church “because I haven’t been able to find one that supports my passion and vision for the supernatural side of Christianity.”

Hatch admits prayer healing doesn’t always work 100-percent of the time. Achieving positive results, however, never fails, she says.

“I’m not saying everyone is healed in these events every time, but in every event where this procedure is carried out, I’ve seen that something will happen to someone,” Hatch said. “At one time I even graphed data showing these results in a scientific writing format.”

Hatch was led into prayer healing in 2002, when she suffered from depression. She said she made a deal with God that she wouldn’t take her own life until she’d read every word of the New Testament. Her dedication to religious studies gave her a new purpose in life and led her on a path to studying under healing preacher William Lau. She said she was skeptical of prayer healing at first.

“When I first got his flier that read ‘The Blind See, the Deaf hear, and the Lame walk’ quoting Jesus’ words in Luke, I nearly tore it up and threw it out with the rest of my junk mail,” she said.

Lau wasn’t like the TV preachers, Hatch says.

“He was very humble, down to Earth and spoke like a college professor,” she said. “His purpose was to teach any believer how to walk in miracles so we could impact people’s faith and prove to others, God is real, and heaven is real.”

So she attended one of Lau’s meetings with a friend. By the end of the meeting, her friend was “completely healed of all his back pain.”

Hatch hopes others will follow in her path.

“The truth is, anyone can walk in these miracles- even you, I’m no one special,” she says.


  1. How can I communicate with Ms. Tammy Hatch? I’d love to speak with her about her gift. Thank you!

    Sylvia | Apr 26th, 2016
  2. Please get me in touch with Ms. Hatch. My name is Christina Scharff and me, my mom, and my husband needs healing. My mom’s got blood cancer and my husband has heart problems is 38 yrs old and wears a pacemaker due to 4 Cardiac arrests back to back, back in October 2015. Please help us. My phone number is 9254979661 . Thankyou in advance. GOD Bless You! 🙂 <3

    Christina Scharff | Apr 26th, 2016
  3. Plz contact me I really need your help plz I will be wating for or response thank you

    silvia | Apr 27th, 2016
  4. Hi my name is Silvia can u plz contact me I really need your help I leave in Richmond california my fhone number is 5102838814 you could contact me any time my email is barcenassilvia@yahoo.com thank you soo much I will be watching for your response thank you soo much my gob bless you

    silvia | Apr 27th, 2016
  5. Hello my name is Lorena,

    Would it be possible to put me in touch with Miss Hatch please. I have had a vision problem since I was born and if this is true I would love to speak to her. Thank you very much, you may reach me at: lrodriguez.9714@gmail.com

    Lorena Rodriguez | Apr 28th, 2016
  6. This is all true. I’m glad to see this article. I have been trained with The Elijah Challenge as well. I was also healed last year at a conference in Chicago. I went with them to India last November. There were countless healings and salvations. It’s the real deal. Simple, effective and scriptural. This is not what you see on tv! I have healed many from my training as well. Glory to God. The next conference is in Texas and another in New York. All training material and conference is free. The website is http://www.theelijahchallenge.org.

    Shelly Ragen | Apr 28th, 2016
  7. You can contact me at tammytamb12@yahoo.com. I would love to hear from you!

    Tammy Hatch | Apr 28th, 2016
  8. This is a joke, right? Like the article about the Raiders moving to Hilltop Mall? It’s funny that a few people fell for it!

    bill | Apr 29th, 2016
  9. You can connect with Tammy Hatch at tammytamb12@yahoo.com

    Pat Stamper | Apr 29th, 2016
  10. For the person that said it is Fake I am a Pastor In Richmond and I also Flow in the gifts that Ms. Tammy Hatch Does and I assure it is Real I am having a healing service this Friday come and see if it is real @1855 Fred Jackson Way Richmond Ca 94801 @7pm

    Bishop Em Long | May 3rd, 2016
  11. If anyone is actually contemplating faith healing instead of legitimate medical care, please do not allow con artists to take your money, services, support or any other commodity. Remember that can artists are very believable and appear sincere to the unwary. Don’t be a victim.

    bill | May 8th, 2016
  12. Tammy doesn’t take money. It’s too bad you’ve let the errors of a few kill your faith completely. Less than 1% of those claiming to heal were fakes because they too lacked faith to carry out the real deal and were motivated by greed rather than God’s love which also heals.

    Pat | May 20th, 2016
  13. How can I get in touch with Tammy? I am suffering the relationship change with my daughter and I am afraid to loose her fully. My cell number is : 604-880 0598. Thanks. Sarah

    Sarah Zhang | Sep 6th, 2016

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