Richmond police dog OK after grappling with kidnapping suspect

Richmond police dog OK following grapple with fleeing kidnapping suspect

Odin, one of Richmond’s crime-fighting police dogs, is OK following a violent battle with a kidnapping suspect who had led police on a broad-daylight-pursuit from North Richmond to Albany on Saturday.

The police dog, a 3-year-old Belgium Malinois, is being praised for taking down the violent suspect, who authorities say had been holding a kidnapped woman in his vehicle when he fled a traffic stop in North Richmond about 2:30 p.m.

But the 70-pound Odin didn’t have it easy against the 5-11, 265-pound suspect, who hasn’t been identified yet.

“The suspect punched Odin several times in his face and body area while Odin was trying to apprehend him,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. “The suspect then kicked Odin in his chest. Odin didn’t give up and the suspect eventually gave up and submitted to the arrest.”

Thankfully, Odin “is doing fine, with a couple of bruises,” Tan added.

And that was just one screenshot of a scene that could have been lifted straight out of an action thriller.

“The vehicle pursuit went through the cities of Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole and ended in Albany but not before the suspect struck a car, a center island, sheared off his left front wheel, continued in the chase, attempted to carjack two cars, and back into his car with 3 wheels and gouging the roadway,” Tan said. “The suspect’s car finally gave out and stopped on San Pablo Ave. at Brighton St.”

In the end, the kidnapped woman was saved and the suspect was arrested on numerous felony crimes, including assaulting a police canine, Tan said.