Richmond police investigating video of baby left in car while woman shopped at GameStop

RPD investigating video of woman accused of leaving baby in car while shopping at GamesStop

A viral video has prompted Richmond police to investigate allegations that a woman left a baby alone in her car on Saturday while shopping in GameStop, a video game store.

Manny Williams said he started filming when he saw the unsupervised child in the vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot of the store, located at the Macdonald 80 Shopping Center at 4200 Macdonald Ave. His video was published on Facebook here and had garnered more than 6,090 shares as of Monday morning.

In the video, Williams is seen reprimanding the woman as the child cried in the vehicle. While Saturday was unseasonably warm, in the video it appears the windows of the vehicle had been rolled down when the child was first spotted by Williams.

Caught this stupid chick leaving baby in car to get video game,” Williams reported in his description of his video. “Had her 5 or 6 yr old other boy with her, but left baby in car over 20 min. only sent boy back by himself when I got on her first time before filming like that was OK..smh.”

Richmond police are investigating the incident, Lt. Felix Tan said.

Tan  cautioned, however, that investigating child abuse charges with just video evidence won’t be simple. Police must establish the temperature outside and inside the car at the time, whether the air conditioner was on, and how long the child was actually inside the car, among other factors, Tan said. Also, Tan said Williams contacted police after the woman and child had already left. Tan says Williams should have contacted police as soon as he saw any offense.

Williams’ version of events differs from police. He claims he called police while the woman and children were still at the GameStop, but no officers came. He says he was later told by a police official that all on-duty officers had been responding to more pressing calls.


  1. Anytime children under the age of 13 are left unsupervised in a car, the police should be involved. Windows down or not!!!! It is very irresponsible to leave your children in the car. Richmond police department, shame on you! You should be investigating this to the max and spread awareness.

  2. Sad to said Richmond police don’t care for any one for them there is no such of think emergency in the past had two incidents which I remember the first one people where fighting with a arm right outside of my house we call them and the response was its any one hurt ?
    The second some one had broke in my house we call the police it took more than 6hours to came and get a report also the bank had a video of one of the suspect who broke in our house but the Richmond police never search for it thank good we no longer leave at that city !

  3. This is horrible! A citizen does a good deed and gets spit in the face. No baby or child should ever be left alone in a car,Ever!! Regardless. This police force Is lazy and irresponsible. I can’t believe their response to this.

  4. Really he did call the police before he started recording!! You people never showed up! You could have sent a fire truck or something!! You said it wasn’t a priority!! Don’t turn it around on this poor man!! You just want to take the focus off the fact that you failed to do your job!!!! This is why people don’t stop & help when things like this accure!! What do u need to investigate? This woman clearly left children in the car alone!!

  5. The police force is by far not “lazy” You can’t be lazy and work a busy city like Richmond. Do people have any idea how many calls officers respond to?

    They are attempting to handle an investigation of a report and put the facts of the case together. It’s easy for people to say what should have been done but the legality of the criteria still has to be established even with a video.

  6. These people are just stupid how are you going to to sit there and lie with all the technology now days this man called 911 at 10:22 and then uploaded the video after he called so please before you want to put a man down that was doing the right thing get all the facts this man is a amazing person for doing this most people don’t care now days and the police department wants to go and make him look bad because they don’t want themselves to look bad for not doing their job how would they feel if something happened to that baby please stop lying and trying to make yourself look good cause there’s always proof

  7. If you think RPD isn’t lazy and irresponsible, you are retarded and have obviously never dealt with them in any capacity.

  8. They never do nothing in Utah is d some thing this crazy lady train to get in my car 2 times they did nothing then she train to take my baby from my hands n they took her but after she train to take my baby … d law is only d law when they whant it to be lol there dummm

  9. No I don’t think the police are lazy. I fink they are trying to respond to calls in a city that just had four young men killed back to back. That does not mean this is not important but it’s reality.

    Secondly, Calling a woman out her name helps her understand the danger of her actions how? I have seen her called everything but a child of God. Does demanding her for her actions help her realize the danger?

    Whatever time the police were called unless the child was in immediate danger by the time they were there, CPS would not likely take the child. The system is filled with many children nobody wants. I have seen that personally and been that child personally.

    So the question is how do you actually do what all agree is most important and protect the child?

    I wonder what would would have happened if someone had offered to stay with the baby while she went in or get the item for her. Or maybe simply explained to her the danger?

    It’s easy to call her the b word. But that doesn’t change anything.

  10. These days if you see a Dog left in a vehicle on a hot day, people are allowed to bust out a window. This baby (human life) is left in a hot vehicle while no good mother is shopping for a Video game for 20 minutes, lucky you’re not investigating a murder.
    I certainly hope the Richmond police DO a full investigation, this lady should be charged with Neglect and CPS should be notified with another full investigation. Child endangerment for sure besides a hot vehicle, why would any mother leave there child unattended in a parking lot, dangers are everywhere.

  11. I am very upset & disturbed after watching th video. Let’s help the children first & the mother second. I’m all for it.💯💯 Willing to travel if need be. Give the baby to me. I’ll give her everything she needs. Try’me!! Try

  12. I am truly & genuinely upset buly this story/video. The child should be place with someonevwho can/will give her everything she needs. Give the baby to me. I 43, no kids, with a lot of love to give. I have a great job and family. She would be safe & not have to worry about anything. Try’me, by any means necessary, Try’me, PERIOD!!! Im willing to travel to wherever the child is residing. Try’me!!!

  13. First of all there absolutely should be consequences to this kind of behavior and I agree with everyone else hats off to the gentleman who took the video he definitely should have called the police and then started taking the video again. And to the officer who is claiming that the video is not sufficient evidence that’s the biggest crock of bull I have ever heard considering videos are stamped with a date and time even on phones you can verify when a video was taken and videos are absolutely admissible in court. Laziness is not sufficient an excuse do not investigate something further and whether the window was up or down that is absolutely irrelevant because it is against the law to leave any child under the age of 13 in a vehicle. This is the time of year that children and babies are being left in cars and are dying because of the Heat and to spend more time focusing on seatbelt awareness and speeding tickets instead of being heavy-handed with something as serious as leaving a child in a hot car is beyond me. And by the way officer The Weather Channel can tell you what the temperature was that day at that time you’re welcome.

  14. Yall turned this story all the around…he asked her to get the baby, he called the police, he stayed there, he recorded and took time out of his life to stay around with the baby, now you people want to blame him for doing what’s right but let this been a dog in the car the police, the fire department and the Mayor would of being there in 2.3 seconds..

  15. Look like the same Mexican girl I cussed out for leaving her kids in a running car while she went to the donut shop,she got Bella smart with her silver car we almost kicked her smart ass butt