Fix our Ferals launches online fundraiser in hopes of reopening

Fix our Ferals launches online fundraiser in hopes of reopening

Earlier this week, Richmond’s reduced-cost spay-neuter clinic Fix our Ferals suspended its operations due to financial reasons, causing community concern as kitten season approaches.

But the hard-working people who ran the clinic at 12226 San Pablo Ave. are hoping to reopen promptly. They have launched an online fundraiser at Click here to access the fundraiser and to donate. The goal is to raise $50,000.

On Tuesday, the clinic announced on Facebook that it had to let go of its entire staff and indefinitely halt its mission to provide low-cost services while curbing the homeless cat population. Tens of thousands of cats have been spayed or neutered since the clinic opened about four years ago.

fixferal.4-14Community members have expressed concern and sadness over the closure. The clinic’s low-cost services had kept adoption fees low for both residents and also nonprofits such as Kitty 911 East County, an animal rescue organization, according to a veterinarian technician.

Linda McCormick, who is on the Fix Our Ferals Board of Directors, said her group will make “every effort” to reopen at the same Richmond facility.

“We cannot offer a time commitment at this point, but we are immediately researching and discussing a more viable model which will again offer affordable spay-neuter to East Bay residents,” McCormick said in a statement.

The nonprofit said when it is able to reopen, it will be able to seamlessly return to operations.

“Please help us make our dream a reality so we can help as many animals as possible,” it said.

Photo courtesy of Fix Our Ferals


  1. I think it is clear, but I would still like to ensure people know this site is not fund raising for Fix Our Ferals. Individuals will not be donating to Fix Our Ferals through the YouCaring site. They will be donating to a nascent organization instead. And yes, as one comment noted Fix Our Ferals has not closed, but has only “… temporarily suspended its operations. “