City presents pricetag for July 3 fireworks show in Richmond

Your guide to Independence Day events in Richmond

Every year on July 3, locals are treated to an impressive fireworks show near Marina Bay Park in Richmond, with many folks watching from the yearly community celebration at Craneway Pavilion.

Ever wonder how much that fireworks show costs the city? We just learned thanks to documents released ahead of the Richmond City Council meeting this coming Tuesday.

At the meeting, the city will ask council to approve a contract with Pyro Engineering paying $20,000 annually for three years for the 20-minute-long fireworks show, along with $9,000 per year for tug and barge service.

The event attracts about 80,000 spectators from Richmond and surrounding communities, according to city documents, and is held in conjunction with the East Bay Symphony performance at the Craneway.

Now you know.


  1. It is time to get Richmond’s priorities straightened out. Cancel the 4th of July fireworks until such time as the City is financially solvent.

  2. I agree, the 4th of July firework are too expensive; we JUST allowed the only public hospital in the area to close. Open Doctor’s Hospital and then we talk about fire works.