Mar 10, 2016
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The rapper/songwriter Chase Cheese is clearly back, but who will stop him?

Despite the best efforts of more than a half-dozen talented Bay Area MCs, nobody’s been able to knock the 31-year-old Richmond resident off the radio.

Chase Cheese has shattered a record on The JV Show’s “King of the Mic” contest on Wild 94.9. Every Friday, the radio show airs a segment pitting two Bay Area rappers against each other. The rappers are given a topic and then challenged to submit a song incorporating the topic the following day. The winner continues competing every week until he or she is defeated.

On the insistence of friends, Chase Cheese entered the rap battle on Jan. 8 and has remained “King of the Mic” since. With the help of producer Sirealz, he hasn’t been toppled by another MC in 10 weeks. The previous record was eight consecutive wins.

chasecheese.3-10-1What the artist and his chosen producer have been able to create on any single sleepless night is impressive. At last week’s contest, for example, when presented with the topic, “What’s wrong with social media,” Chase Cheese submitted a song that began like this:

“What’s wrong with social media? Let’s start with what they’re feeding ya: Fake facts, drama, brainwashing, we don’t need it, bro. What happened to socializing, now we’re typing, lurking, and judging what other people are liking. Somebody go and post a pic, hoping to get some likes on it. If you don’t, you get depressed and then go take some Vicodin. That’s what it can do to you, no longer feeling beautiful. Get back to reality, this Internet is fooling you….”

Judges that include music industry professionals have marveled at how swiftly Chase Cheese has been able to throw together a radio-worthy song. To the artist, this is who he’s always been.

He recalls back in middle school winning a creative writing award in poetry, how he was always into stringing words together, and rhyming. He grew up listening to Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound, 2Pac, all the greats, but one of his main influences was his brother, the artist Matt 11, formerly a member of the famous crew RBL Posse.

“I seen my brother touring with them; it seemed like a fun lifestyle,” he said. “He asked me, ‘Why don’t you get into the studio?”

Chase Cheese didn’t enter the studio until age 16. He would later break from performing simply to work and survive, but he was inspired to return to the scene after hearing a popular sound that was similar to his. In truth, the artist has never stopped writing and creating. And while he remains a late bloomer, he’s now got all the tools to bring his music to the next level.

“I was wild back then,” he said. “I’ve had time to mature.”

When he’s not preparing for the radio contest, Chase Cheese is penning a wide variety of songs, from grimy hip hop to even pop and club tracks.

“Just the thought of people enjoying listening to my story,” he said. “That’s enough for me.”

Tune into the JV Show Friday morning to see if Chase Cheese continues his win streak.


  1. Very good article, I am extremely proud of him

    Chase's Mom | Mar 11th, 2016

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