Scam warning! Good thing this El Cerrito man asked a cop for directions to the IRS office


An El Cerrito man should be thankful that he flagged down a cop when he needed directions to the Internal Revenue Service office on Tuesday, police said.

The cop, knowing there was no local office, asked the man why he was looking for it. The officer soon figured out the man was probably the victim of a scam.

The man explained to the officer that “he was called by the IRS and ordered to bring thousands of dollars in cash there, where they would be waiting for him,” police said.

He had just retrieved cash from his bank, but couldn’t find the address where he was supposed to bring it.

“The officer explained to the person that this was a scam and told him to take his money back to his bank,” according to El Cerrito police.

Police are now warning the public about a possible scammer targeting local residents and forwarded information an IRS advisory about scam phone calls, which you can read about here.