Interested in buying Hilltop Mall? Here’s the ad

Interested in buying Hilltop Mall? Here's the ad

Struggling Hilltop Mall is officially on the market.

That’s what Richmond Mayor Tom Butt reported on his popular e-forum newsletter Thursday afternoon, alerting his readers to a sales advertisement for the mall property at this link.

The ad follows this Contra Costa Times report last fall about the various prospects for the property that houses the mall, which has seen declining foot traffic for decades.

We won’t know what exactly is planned for the site until it has buyers, but the ad touts the 77-acre property’s potential for “vertical development” offering “stunning views” of the Bay.

“The city’s general plan calls for the area to be transformed from a sleepy suburb to a neighborhood with high-density housing, office, retail and entertainment venues that will bring people out of their houses and into public spaces,” the Times reported.

Here’s the ad (click to expand):


  1. An entertainment venue would be nice. Something like yoshis that can also be good for music and comedy like Tommy t’s but keep it classy.