Suspects crash car into house while fleeing Richmond police; De Anza High locked down


No one was injured after two suspects fleeing Richmond police crashed into a home in the 3700 block of Sweetwood Drive, but the incident caused a temporary lock-down at De Anza High.

The incident unfolded just after 1 p.m., when police received a call of a suspicious car with two occupants who drove slowly and appeared to be casing a house. An officer found a car matching that description on Morningside Drive, but as the officer made a U-turn to investigate, the car sped off, police said.

Soon after, the officer found the car had collided into a house on Sweetwood Drive.  Both occupants fled the car on foot and the residential neighborhood was surrounded by police while  De Anza High was placed on a “lock-down” status, police said.

During the search, an 18-year-old Oakland resident believed to be a passenger in the suspect car was taken into custody near the high school, police said.  He was booked for an outstanding warrant and possession of stolen property.

“Detectives may be able to identify the driver that fled, therefore, we are not releasing any information about the suspect in custody,” police said.  “Detectives are also currently investigating this incident to confirm if burglaries have occurred in the area.”