First test car for BART’s ‘Fleet of the Future’ begins cross-country journey

First future BART train car begins cross-country journey

Last week, the very first train car of BART’s “Fleet of the Future” began its journey from Plattsburgh, NY to a BART testing facility in Hayward, the transit agency announced Monday.

Throughout this year, a total of 10 train cars will make the 3,600-mile road trip so that the transit agency can complete its 10-car test train. Following a testing period, about 50 new cars are expected to be added to BART service in 2017, spokeswoman Alicia Trost said.

A total of 775 new train cars have been ordered and are expected to arrive in stages from 2016-2021.

In addition to the 775 cars, BART hopes to purchase another 306 cars to add to its new fleet.

Bombardier Transit Corporation is building the Fleet of the Future and provided this video. The train car, which has a cab compartment for a train operator, is 70 feet long and weighs 65,500 pounds.

Among the improved features, the new train has micro-plug doors to seal out noise, leading to a quieter ride, and was described as having more comfortable seats, increased space with dedicated spaces for luggage and bicycles, and a third door to make boarding and exiting easier.

Since the train car isn’t being covered during the road trip, many folks will get to see it along its journey.

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