North Richmond family searching for family dog who requires medication


A North Richmond family is searching for their 2-year-old dog, who went missing after escaping their yard Wednesday morning.

Here’s the family’s message to neighbors: “Hello every one! I’m writing this post because my beloved dog got out of our yard this morning .. we are VERY concerned and are missing him dearly we are hoping to find him as soon as possible because he is currently taking medication for his sickness and if he doesn’t take the medication it can worsen or he can pass away. We are in the North Richmond area. He is a full white HUSKY male, has a tan nose and is two years old roughly 60 pounds and is not wearing a collar.”

Anyone with information on this dog’s whereabouts is asked to contact us at, and we will connect you with the owners.

“Please share this post,” the family says. “We want our baby boy home.”


  1. I seen a white husky today! Had no collar and was wondering around East Richmond Heights. I called the animal control but I don’t know if they ever came out and found him. I seen you mentioned you live in North Richmond so that would be a pretty far for him to get to you so I’m not sure if it’s the same one but he does match the description! And I’ve never seen a white husky in the neighborhood before wandering around alone. I would check the animal shelter in Pinole for him. Good luck and I hope you find him!

  2. I saw him, too, on Plymouth Avenue in the Richmond hills at about 1:15 pm. I called Animal Patrol, too. Please let us know if you find him!